Research by prof. Darko Antičević published in "Current Opinion in Pediatrics” with Impact Factor of 2,3

In total, this is the 12th paper published by St. Catherine's physician in journals indexed in CC in 2019.

„Knee orthopedic problems in newborns and infancy: a review“

„Orthopedic issues in infants and newborns may confuse the first contact physicians due to certain peculiarities of the immature immune system. However, with the advent of new diagnostic methods, a shift in the causative agent of pediatric knee infections has been noted. Minimally invasive methods such as arthrocentesis and arthroscopy, which replaced prior surgical opening of the knee, are successfully employed in treatment of knee infections. On the other hand, various syndromes with specific characteristics need to be recognized early to avoid problems in the future. Considering everything, only multidisciplinary approach enables optimal treatment outcomes of orthopedic issues in infants and newborns.“ Prof. Darko Antičević, M.D., Ph.D., orthopedic surgeon, subspecialist in pediatric orthopedic surgery.

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