Published scientific article in International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Igor Smojver, DMD, Specialist in Oral Surgery and his associates published a scientific article in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

An article entitled "Antimicrobial Efficacy and Permeability of Various Sealing Materials in Two Different Types of Implant–Abutment Connections" was published in the scientific journal International Journal of Molecular Sciences, and it is the third paper in a series of papers on sealants for microgap at the implant - abutment interface. The work proved that there is no absolute sealing of the microgap, even with the use of various sealants. The microgap can be reduced, but the problem of leakage of microorganisms inside the dental implant itself still remains main problem in peri-implantitis ethiology.

Our Igor Smojver, DMD, Specialist in Oral Surgery is an expert in implantology and treatment of peri-implantitis (inflammation around implants).

Read more in the article at the link.

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