Prof. Richard Weinshilboum from Mayo Clinic at conference in Split

The "father of pharmacogenomics" from Mayo Clinic, in Split during the ISABS conference.

It was fantastic to have a Prof. Richard Weinshilboum, the "father of pharmacogenomics" from Mayo Clinic,  in Split during the ISABS conference. 


Prof. Weinshilboum teaches pharmacology at the Medical School at the Mayo Clinic and he is in charge of the Pharmacogenomic Laboratory at the Mayo Clinic Individualized Medical Center. In his plenary lecture prof. Weinshilboum has been referring to the development of drugs and the history of pharmacogenomics over the past 50 years.He particulary underlined an individual response of the patient to drug therapy. When it comes to pharmacogenomics prof. Weinshilboum speaks of the influence of the genetic code of the drug receptors and enzymes responsible for their metabolism on the ultimate effect of therapy. The efforts of the scientific community have recently enabled more frequent implementation of pharmacogenomics in everyday clinical practice. The application of pharmacogenomics in focus is an individualized medicine with a well-known motto "The right drug, at the right dose, for the right patient, at the right time". St. Catherine Specialty Hospital has introduced into the clinical practice a pharmacogenomic test that has been developed in collaboration with leading scientists and physicians from the Mayo Clinic.

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