Our Mislav Malić, M.D. at the 4th World Congress on Endoscopic Ear Surgery

Mislav Malić, M.D., participated in the congress in Kyoto, Japan which brings together experts from all over the world.

The 4th World Congress on Endoscopic Ear Surgery was held in Kyoto, Japan, in which our Mislav Malić, M.D., FEBORL-HNS, otorhinolaryngology specialist participated. The congress gathered experts from all continents for the exchange of experience and knowledge, and all aspects of scientific activities were included, such as teaching courses, round tables, panels, oral presentations, posters and competitions of young otologists. The essence of this large meeting was to expand knowledge about the still new, minimally invasive technique of ear surgery, which is slowly taking precedence over conventional microscopic techniques.

With an excellent organization, lots of new ideas and great lectures, Mislav Malić, M.D. established that in Croatia we are not a bit behind the current trends in ear surgery and that we can offer all the innovations that currently exist to our patients.

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