New kyphoplasty method in St. Catherine hospital

Specialty Hospital St. Catherine has recently performed its first kyphoplasty procedures, in the most advanced technique in the world which is applied in cases of painful vertebral fractures caused primarily by osteoporosis, as well as by metastases of various tumours spreading into the spine.

Considering that problems with osteoporosis, which causes bones to become very sensitive, fragile and easily breakable, usually begin to appear in women after menopause, and even more commonly after the age of 70 when senile osteoporosis occurs, the most frequent patients suffering from such afflictions are indeed women.


As a minimally invasive procedure, kyphoplasty is a method which delivers treatment of very high-quality and efficiency. By using a dilatation balloon with a contrast agent the procedure aims to restore a flattened vertebra to its original height, which was lost due to impaired bone mineralization, and to stabilize the vertebra in this state by injecting bone cement.


Therefore kyphoplasty represents a state-of-the-art method which produces efficient results by performing balloon inflation prior to the injection of cement, which then ensures better spatial conditions for injecting sufficient quantities of cement. The actual course of the procedure is relatively short and lasts only an hour.

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