Introducing the Urology Center at St. Catherine's

The St. Catherine Specialty Hospital has addressed the evolving patient needs by inaugurating the new Urology Center.

In accordance with our dedication to providing premier healthcare and our continual pursuit of enhancement, we are pleased to introduce our new Urology Center at St. Catherine Specialty Hospital. Urological issues present a multifaceted array of health challenges, and our mission is to provide comprehensive, individualized, and high-quality care to each patient.

Sven Nikles, M.D., a urology specialist with extensive experience and a committed approach, leads our Urology Center,. An integral aspect of our approach involves ongoing investment in cutting-edge medical technology and training our medical staff to ensure the latest and most effective treatment modalities.

In addition to delivering top-tier healthcare, our Urology Center emphasizes the importance of raising awareness about prostate cancer and educating men about risk factors and symptoms. Regular check-ups are imperative, particularly for men over 40, as prostate cancer often manifests no symptoms in its early stages.

We offer our patients a broad spectrum of services, encompassing preventive urological examinations and numerous diagnostic procedures, as well as appropriate treatment for urogenital diseases, including surgical interventions. Our team of experts is committed to your health and well-being, providing an individualized approach based on the latest medical knowledge and best practices.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with confidence at +01 2867 400 or via email at

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