Ilan Geva, branding expert, in St. Catherine

Ilan Geva, a world known and recognized brand expert at an invite of Board Member Jadranka Primorac will together work on the branding and international positioning of the St. Catherine Hospital. The hospital treats numerous of patients(including worldwide known athletes) out of which 40 percent encompasses foreign citizens.

Ilan develops and creates Brand platforms including brand vision, brand strategy, brand personality, using every imaginable strategic branding solution for many of the world's largest corporations, as well as for smaller enterprises. 

Some of his most recognized work included brands such as: McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Visa, Ford Trucks, The Chicago Tribune, SA Breweries, Panasonic, Nestle, American Express, Unilever, VW-Audi, Kodak, HP, Seagram, Shell, Sears, Citibank, Murphy/Jahn and many more.

His specific tourism, travel and hospitality experience includes: Israel Ministry of Tourism, Turkey Tourism, South African Tourism, British Tourist Authority, Mexico Tourism Board, State of Iowa Tourism, Lisbon Convention Bureau, United Airlines, Korean Air, Alitalia, Sheraton Hotels, King David Hotel, Doubletree Hotels, Avis, American Express Travel Services, and more.

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