Challenges in anesthesia personalization: resolving the pharmacogenomic puzzle

The team of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital published chapter "Challenges in anesthesia personalization: resolving the pharmacogenomic puzzle” in Personalized Medicine.

Clinicians are witnessing differences in the doses required for induction and maintenance of anesthesia, as well as prolonged recovery in some patients. Predictable factors like patient characteristics, factors related to the procedure, pharmacological characteristics of anesthetics and adjunctive drugs, might explain some of the observed differences. However, the role of various polymorphisms of genes encoding for drugs’ molecular targets, transporters and metabolic enzymes can have a significant impact on anesthesia outcome, too. In the present paper, we critically discuss pharmacological characteristics of the most common drugs used in anesthesia, with a focus on the possible genetic background of unpredictable diversities in anesthesia outcomes.

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