The scientific potential of the hospital

The great potential of St. Catherine was recognized by the European Commission by awarding her and Genos HRK 17 million in grants from EU funds for the project of developing new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for patients with low back pain, in which are participating scientists from Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands, Belgium and the United States. The amount approved by the European Commission for the implementation of this project is the largest amount that the Republic of Croatia has ever received in the field of "Health". This is a great tribute to both the team and the founder of the Hospital.

St. Catherine Hospital is a center of excellence for modern radiological diagnostics, orthopedic procedures, spinal surgery with pain treatment, sports medicine, physical rehabilitation, neurology, cardiology, gynecology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, endocrinology, diabetes and metabolic diseases, dental medicine, ear, nose and throat diseases, psychiatric support, plastic surgery, medical biochemistry, minimally invasive procedures in the field of proctology and vascular surgery, regenerative medicine and the implementation of innovative methods of treatment and personalized (precision) medicine in clinical practice. In this regard, the St. Catherine Specialty Hospital is developing collaborations with leading European, American and Israeli clinics and specialists, and in the field of minimally invasive spine surgery, it has developed collaborations with experts from the USA (Caroline's Pain Institute) while in other areas she works closely with Unfallkrankenhaus-Berlin and Regiomed Klinikum, leading German hospitals. It is also a partner institution in science with the American Mayo Clinic and the International Society for Applied Biological Sciences, a scientific organization in whose work five Nobel Prize winners participate. By the decision of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia, the St. Catherine Specialty Hospital has been named a component of the 'Scientific Center of Excellence for Personalized Health Care (ZCI)'. The Hospital is a teaching base of the medical faculties of the University of Split, Osijek and Rijeka, Faculty of Kinesiology of the University of Split, Medical Studies of the University of Split, Departments of the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Health Osijek and the Medical Faculty Regiomed from Bavaria. In 2021, the Hospital completed a multi-year evaluation by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia, the Medical Faculty of the University of Osijek, the Senate of the University of Osijek, the National Health Council, and the Commission for Orthopedics and Traumatology of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia'. With this, the St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, after almost 100 years, became the second Orthopedic Clinic in the City of Zagreb. The status of the Clinic is the highest level of academic-scientific accreditation that enables academic advancement of doctors and is an authorized institution that conducts education of specialists in orthopedics and traumatology, which positions the Hospital as a leading institution of this type. St. Catherine Specialty Hospital is constantly developing cooperation with experts and scientists from leading foreign orthopedic clinics, which guarantees the introduction of the highest standards and the latest methods and protocols in orthopedics, especially in areas such as cell, molecular, and regenerative orthopedics and tissue engineering. We highlight important scientific collaboration with the world's leading institution for advanced orthopedic research (Center for Advanced Orthopedic Studies) at Harvard University in Boston.

The anesthesiology team actively cooperates with the European (ESA; European Society of Anesthesiology) and American (IARS; International Anesthesia Research Society) Association of Anesthesiologists. The collaborative institution of the St. Catherine Specialty Hospital for radiology is a private Austrian diagnostic clinic "Diagnostikum" (Vienna, Graz), and the St. Catherine Hospital is the only institution in Croatia that is included in the program of the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology for the standardization and application of unique MR examination protocols. Great opportunities in the development of its health system have been recognized by one of the leading African universities: the University of Botswana and the St. Catherine Hospital chose as an institution where their experts will be educated.

The Hospital has signed agreements on professional and scientific cooperation with many prestigious foreign and domestic institutions, including:

  • Unfallkrankenhaus-Berlin, one of the leading German health institutions
  • Regiomed-Kliniken, a German hospital chain from Bavaria
  • Carolina's Pain Institute, USA
  • University of Botswana
  • Clinical Hospital Center Sestre Milosrdnice
  • Children's Hospital Zagreb
  • Clinical Hospital Dubrava
  • Clinical HospitalSveti Duh
  • University Hospital for Infectious Diseases Dr. Fran Mihaljević
  • Clinical Hospital Center Split

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