St. Catherine: Mission, Vision, Values

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital values are the qualities, customs, standards, and principles that the institution believes will help it and its employees succeed. They are the basis for what we do and how we do it. Taken together, they identify St. Catherine as a unique medical and medical research entity.

St. Catherine Vision – Occupy a top of mind spot in global medical research and patient treatment. Becoming a source of inspiration for future generations of medical practitioners and health research pioneers.

St. Catherine Mission – Provide innovative medical remedies with humanity, while putting a major emphasis on being extraordinary in every healing action and personal care. Establish St. Catherine as the premier medical solution destination for the areas of specialty we know so well.

St. Catherine Value Statement – We seek to bring out the best outcomes for our constituencies: Patients and their families, Employees and their families, stakeholders and the community.

Superior experience is guaranteed to all our patients, trade partners and employees before, during and after their engagement with us.

  • We offer a great work environment for our medical and administrative staff, exercising respect and dignity at all times.
  • We apply the highest standards of excellence to procedures, technology, maintenance and comfort.
  • We strive to maintain satisfied customers at all stages of engagement with us.

Patients – Our establishment exists for taking care of patients. We are assigned with the duty of eliviating their discomforts and solve their health problems. We treat patients as if they were our relatives, not just customers.

Empathy for Customers/Patients -   We offer superior healthcare treatments that change lives and provide lasting value. We are genuinely interested in solving our patients’ problems, and we will not compromise our ethics or integrity in the name of profit.

Achievement Drive -  We set lofty goals and drive ourselves hard to achieve them. We recognize that this is a special time in science, research and medical achievements, and our work will influence the way people work and live. It is an adventure, and we are in it together.

Caregivers – We only engage in hiring the best in their field. Once they are in our family of employees, we take care of them, so they can dedicate their best to our patients. Its an unbroken circle of care.

Team Spirit  - Teamwork is essential to collective success, for our tasks are too big to be executed by one person. Individuals are encouraged to interact with all levels of management, sharing ideas and suggestions to improve St. Catherine’s caregivers quality of life. We support each other and share the celebrations and rewards together.

Community – St. Catherine is a proud Croatian healthcare institution fosters strong collaboration with top US and German hospitals. Our influence is far reaching beyond our borders. We are promoting international collaborations with research institutes and medical foundations, we are the official hospital of the Croatian Football Federation, the Croatian Olympic Committee, the Croatian Tennis Federation, and affiliated with many top NBA players.

Innovation – Innovation is in our DNA. We will continue to manage and conduct the organization’s perfromance and behavior with a constant observation of the latest innovative developments and methodologies.

Leadership – We recognize and respect the unique privilege we have in Croatia and Europe, as a leading hospital. We commit to continue this tradition and become an inspiration for future generations by being a leadeing, mentoring and educational institution.

Recognition – Our achievements have attracted attention from many corners of the world. We have been recognized and awarded for the excellent performance and level of standards we maintain. St. Catherine has won accolades, grants and awards from private organizations as well as government ministries and entities.

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