About Croatia

Croatia is located in Central Europe. Croatia has a natural beauty and plenty to offer the visitor pre and post treatment, with lakes, waterfalls, woods mountains and a magnificent coastline.

Croatia is a country of two halves, with almost 600 miles of Mediterranean coastline, including some high-class resorts and harbours, coupled with a large interior of lakes and mountains. Head for the coast, even in the busiest times of the holiday season, and you can still find quiet beaches and remote coves away from the crowds, and if you can get to one of the one thousand islands, you'll have even more privacy.

Alternatively, if you prefer the bright lights and full-on Mediterranean-chic experience, head for the cosmopolitan seafronts of Dubrovnik and Hvar, where the rich park their yachts and head for a fine selection of restaurants and cocktail bars.
Set off inland, and you'll encounter some stunning scenery, with everything from awe-inspiring caves to majestic mountains with endless hiking and biking trails. The interior also boasts enchanting medieval castles and fortresses that tell you that the recent troubles are nothing new in the region.

Wherever you go in this country, you'll enjoy warm hospitality and delicious Mediterranean food, with the emphasis on fresh local produce, good wine and olive oil that seems to make everyone so healthy and long lived in this part of the world.
Right in the heart of Croatia lies the capital, Zagreb, a magnificent historic city that has amalgamated the cultures of Austria, Hungary and middle Europe into the Mediterranean way of life to create a fascinating cultural and culinary mix. Zagreb is a modern city packed with superb new art new galleries and attractions, yet one that is still proud of its history and heritage, making it an essential part of your itinerary, even on a beach based holiday.

Despite its growing popularity, Croatia has yet to become spoiled by the tourists, although you shouldn't wait too long to visit, as with a destination this special, the change is inevitable in the end. For now, Croatia is a diverse and intriguing country with something for everyone, from elite coastal resorts to fascinating local festivals.

Travel and accommodation in Croatia

The three major airports in Croatia are Zagreb International Airport, Split and Dubrovnik and low cost international flights are available into each of these destinations, as well as good domestic links.
Zagreb International Airport is about 10 miles from the centre of town and there are regular bus services into the centre. Split airport is about 15 miles from the centre of town and there are regular buses and Dubrovnik is located 11 miles from the city centre and a 20 minute bus journey.

Arriving by train / boat

It is also possible to travel to Croatia by train, enquiries can be made at Rail Europe, telephone 0870 584 8848 or visit European Rail. You can also fly to Italy and take an international ferry over to Croatia. The main Croatian maritime company is Jadrolinija which has ferry connections with the Italian ports of Trieste, Ancona, Pescara and Bari.

Driving in Croatia

Visit the National Auto club of the Republic of Croatia for useful information about driving in Croatia. Cars drive on the right.

Getting around Croatia

The buses are the best form of public transport in Croatia and there is a good network of daily intercity and regional services. 
The rail network in Croatia connects all major Croatian cities, except Dubrovnik and there are direct trains to Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia and Montenegro as well as indirect lines to almost all other European countries. Train travel within the country isn't as popular or as well developed as in other European countries. 
Zagreb, however, has a good public transport system with a choice of trams, buses and a funicular railway. Taxis in Croatia are run on meters.
The currency is the Kuna and 1 kuna = 100 lipa. EUR1 = approximately 6.5 HRK Croatia Kuna.

Why consider Croatia for medical treatment?

Croatia is fairly new on the medical tourism circuit but offers great savings and top quality treatments.
As the country's capital and the social, cultural and economic hub, many private hospitals are located in Zagreb. Some medical tourists are able to combine their treatment needs with a holiday all around the country.
Croatian doctors study for many years to train and qualify, keeping up to date with the latest approaches. Surgeries in Croatia specialising in medical tourism, have modern high tech equipment and friendly, approachable staff.
Croatia has four seasons and two climatic zones. Inland, visitors can enjoy temperate continental weather and a pleasant Mediterranean climate along the Adriatic coast with plenty of sunshine, dry hot summers and mild, humid winters.

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